Tips for Safe and Enjoyable Boating

A popular pastime on a beach vacation is boating. Whether bringing watercraft from home on a trailer, or renting or chartering a boat, spending quality time on the water with friends and family can create fond memories. Following safe boating practices and participating in exciting or relaxing water-based activities is an important part of the ideal beach vacation. Here are a few tips to make the trip even better.

Life Vests

Make sure there is a properly tagged and inspected life vest in the boat for each passenger. Children should wear life vests designed specifically for kids. Tying larger vests tightly around a child is not sufficient. Likewise, adults need life jackets that will hold their weight and fit their bodies. Regardless of how strong a swimmer is, they should wear a life jacket while boating.


Always bring sunscreen on a family beach vacation. The sun is strong on the water, so use a higher SPF while boating. Reapply it after swimming or waterskiing for best protection from sunburn.

Tips for Taking Kids to the Beach

The Palmetto trees are swaying, the ocean calling your name. But between you and paradise are numerous trips from the car, loads of stuff to be lugged and a toddler who has to potty as soon as you hit your chair. I have been there and done that. We have lived in numerous beach states and vacationed there all of our life. However, now that we live in Hawaii, I think we have perfected the beach trip. Our favorite place here is Ko’Olina on the Leeward side of Oahu. While it is half locals and half tourists, it is all beautiful and peaceful. This makes it our number one choice for a relaxing day.

My husband and 3 year old go there all the time, but we recently found one of the best beach products I’ve seen. My husband stopped by the store and came out with 3 backpack chairs. $14 well spent. They solved all of our beach woes. The chairs are called ” The Wear-Ever Chairs.” Ingenious- wish I had made them. All each of us needed was a

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